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 The story based on the sensational Swathi murder case. Nungambakkam title refers to the railway station in Chennai where the 24-year-old software engineer Swathi was stabbed to death. Swathi was murdered when she was waiting for the train in the morning at the Nungambakkam railway station on June 24, 2016. Director made a film by researching everyone’s thoughts behind the incident and the real fact behind it.  


Director & Cast

Nungambakkam aka Swathi Kolai Valaku is an upcoming Tamil crime movie, directed by SD. Ramesh Selvan. The movie features Ajmal Ameer, A. Venkatesh, Aayira, and Mano in the lead roles.   Sam D. Raj is the music director for this film and the cinematography is handled by Jones Anand. A. Maaris handles the editing work for this movie.   Sam D. Raj is the music director for this film and the cinematography is handled by Jones Anand. A. Maaris handles the editing work for this movie. 


About Micro Distribution


For the first time in the world cinema. We are proud to introduce a new film distribution process the micro distribution. The idea of the micro distribution process is to invite small private equity sources to invest in small budget film, by paying a small amount to share the profits of a particular theatre. Our movie titled Nungambakkam is the first movie to introduce this process.  for further details visit  https://www.investmentnetwork.in/business-proposals/tamil-movie-nungambakkam-15-916970

Trailer Highlights and links


• Nungambakkam a.k.a Swathi Kolai Vazhakku is a tamil feature movie starring Ajmal and Ayra, directed by S.D. Ramesh Selvan

• This movie’s trailer attracted more audience when its initial trailer was out on May 29 of 2017(Swathi kolai vazhakku – initial title), later the second trailer was released on May 21st 2018(Nungambakkam – Current title)

• Nearly 40 lakhs viewers watched Nungambakkam Trailer in youtube within few days from its release. It also received more positive reviews from public and critics as well. Everyone in social media applauded the trailer and the team for their guts for attempting a movie like Nungambakkam.

• People of Tamilnadu expects this movie big time, because of the curiosity and mystery behind the real murder, which this movie is based on. Nungambakkam will definitely be a crowd puller, because of the huge expectation around the movie.

• Trailer 1 & 2 Links:



• Trailer launch press meet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l18XS63ecEA

Movie exclusive interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isH8c9wbvOI 


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